Our Team


Rachelle Booth is the president of Thrive Benefits Group. Rachelle has over ten years of experience in benefit plans and opened Thrive in 2015. Thrive Benefits Group is an expert in employee benefit plans. They conduct professional analysis of benefit plans to evaluate claims, costs and present clients with cutting edge service. Thrive Benefits also assists financial advisors with managing benefit plans for their clients.


Heather is the client service specialist at Thrive Benefits Group Inc. Heather has been assisting benefit plan clients and plan administrators since 1998. She strives to provide clients with the best service. Heather ensures plan administrators and human resource departments have the support they need so the benefit plan is managed with excellence.


Tracy Caudle is the lead administrator at Thrive Benefits Group Inc. Tracy has been with the company since 2016 and her expertise is handling all renewals and quotes for clients of Thrive Benefits Group Inc. In addition to quotes and renewals, Tracy also provides clients with excellent service for all of their benefit plan needs.


Lindsay Laroque is an administrator at Thrive Benefits Group Inc. Lindsay joined the team in 2019 and has a history of working in employee benefits. Her expertise is providing clients with interim reporting on claims and trends in benefit plans.


Julie Eveson is an administrator at Thrive Benefits Group Inc. Julie joined the team in February 2021 and assists with handling quotes, renewals and interim reporting for clients.