Employee Wellness Programs

Employee Life & Health:

Employee Wellness Programs

Employee Wellness Programs educate employees about lifestyle habits and health risks, as well as promote and provide health and fitness programs. These programs are designed on the basis of prevention, which results in lowered costs for employers since it costs an employer much less to educate than it does to pay for the costs associated with preventable injury and sickness.



Wellness Programs aim to create a workplace culture that supports and encourages the adoption of a healthier lifestyle. Health and fitness initiatives are designed to improve employees’ health, resulting in happier and more effective workers. This reduces absenteeism and benefits costs and it also improves employee morale and productivity.

Why should I implement an Employee Wellness Program?

Employee Wellness Programs promote employee health awareness, reducing sickness and injury, which translates to less money that you’re losing (in terms of paying benefits and in loss of employee work hours). Other benefits include:

  • Reduce employee absenteeism

  • Increase physical activity for healthier employees

  • Provide healthier choices for an aging population

  • Help to combat provincial cost-shifting and drug costs