Employee Critical Illness Insurance

Employee Life & Health:

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance is offered to groups of employees, allowing employers to provide enhancements to their existing benefits package, dependent upon rate of employee participation.

This insurance covers additional expenses that employees may be faced with in the event of diagnosis and survival of a critical illness. Critical Illness Insurance provides the financial and emotional support required when an employee is faced with a critical illness, and is paid in one lump sum, even if they fully recover or never suffer a loss of income.

Offering Critical Illness Insurance in your benefits package also bodes well for employers in the following aspects:

  • Gives employers a competitive advantage: a unique approach that will make you stand out

  • Creates a value-added employee benefit program and makes employees themselves feel valued

  • Develops new opportunities by working with your existing client base

  • Provides more comprehensive solutions to clients and attracts new clients

  • Allows employers to control the premiums by choosing the policy design and benefit amount best suited to your company’s budget


While life insurance, disability income protection, and health insurance are all crucial components of an employee benefits plan, only Critical Illness Insurance fills that dangerous gap.

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