Employee Dental Care

Employee Life & Health:

Dental Care

Dental Care insurance covers the cost of eligible dental expenses for the employee and their dependents. While dental coverage is optional for each company, keep in mind that maintaining healthy teeth and gums is essential, with more and more research showing that problems with dental health can affect the overall state of one’s health. If you do offer dental coverage, it must remain in force for at least two consecutive years and all insured employees must participate.

What is covered?

Employees and their families are covered for both preventative and restorative dental.

Preventive Dental:

  • Minor extractions

  • Periodontics are covered for two hours of work each year

  • Pit and fissure sealants for individuals ages 19 and under

  • Space maintainers for children ages 12 and under

  • X-rays, fillings, standard checkups, and cleanings are covered once every nine months

Restorative Dental:

  • Anaesthesia

  • Crowns

  • Bridgework

  • Dentures

  • Drug injections

  • Laboratory procedures

  • Major surgery

  • Onlays

  • Repair and adjustment to dentures

  • Root canals

  • Surgical services

What happens if the employee passes away while under the plan?

In the event of death, the Dental Care coverage continues for up to 24 months for eligible dependents without payment of premium.

 If the employee’s spouse or common law partner already has dental coverage under an Employee Benefits Plan, these payable benefits will be co-ordinated with their spouse or common law partner’s plan. This means that the total amount received from both of the plans will not exceed 100% of the cost of the eligible expenses incurred.

Why offer Dental Care insurance?

In offering Dental Care insurance to your employees, you’re giving your company a competitive advantage, making a real difference in attracting and retaining quality talent.

Other benefits for your company include:

  • Providing a flexible and affordable way to add real value to your total compensation package

  • Boosting morale and increasing productivity

  • Reducing turnover and promoting a healthy work environment

Additionally, your advisor will help you select the best options and packages for your company and your employees. This ensures that the policy meets yours and your employees’ needs and that you are receiving the best possible coverage, service, and pricing.