Full Service Brokerage for Benefit Plans

Experience the Difference an Expert Can Make on Your Benefit Plan

Benefit plans designed for your business

Your business is unique and we ensure your benefit plan is designed to meet your business needs

Superior Service

Setting the highest standard of service for benefit plans. Our commitment is to providing you, your HR department and your employees with the highest level of service. We ensure your benefit plan is proactively managed in terms of claims management, plan administration, communication and regular reporting, employee wellness, and more.

Cost Management

Our experience provides solutions. From claims management strategies to implementing innovative plan options, we specialize in finding the right fit for your needs to stabilize and reduce costs over the long term. We are committed to developing and managing strategies for your plan to ensure costs remain as low as possible. Our expertise in cost containment will prove the best strategy to manage your costs.

Independent Advice

A true brokerage working in your best interest. We broker to all insurance carriers for your benefit plan to ensure you have the best plan to fit your business. From ensuring competitive pricing in the marketplace to obtaining the best plan possible to fit your unique needs, we provide recommendations to ensure you are with the right carrier for you.

Customize Your Plan

We design benefit plans to fit your business. Benefit plans should not be a one size fits all approach. We provide free consultations and plan audits to ensure your plan is designed specifically for you and your business. Just starting a new business? Have a benefit plan that has not been updated in the past 20 years? Wondering how your plan compares to what your competitor Is offering their employees? Growing your business and wondering what changes to the plan you should make? These are all services that we provide to ensure your plan is customized and achieving your goals for your business.

Thrive Benefits Group Inc. Advantage

Group benefit plan management is our expertise. From smaller firms with one to two employees to large scale benefit plans, we manage a wide variety of plans and from our volume of business we are able to secure the best pricing and plan design in both upstart and benefit plan renewals. Our extensive experience in underwriting, renewal analysis and negotiation empowers us to obtain the best for our clients. Our president’s background includes managing a substantial block of benefit plans for one of the largest insurance carriers in Canada. With that background and behind the scenes knowledge of the inner workings of benefit plans, we ensure that plans are properly managed and handled in every aspect.

Wellness Plans

Wellness plans impact the bottom line, making employees more productive and driving down the costs of your benefit plan in the long term. We offer free consultations and help you get started with a wellness plan for your workforce. From simple proactive solutions to comprehensive plans, we will help you get started with a wellness solution designed for your business.

Employee Seminars

As part of our service commitment, we offer employee seminars and lunch & learns on a large variety of topics.

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